I'm Emily, owner, founder and designer of Mitra The Label. 

Mitra The Label started with my love for fashion, travel and the ocean. I used to be someone that would be seen on the high street or shopping online every week with email alerts going off, reminding me something was in stock or these brands had 50% off (which happened every day). Do not get me wrong, I still love shopping however,  I like to save up for high-quality items, buy second hand and hand make my own clothes. 

When it came to buying swimwear, I struggled to find something I liked. My problem was, I have always been selective about the fit, style and quality of my swimwear without wanting to make a financial commitment. I also wanted a bikini that would last in my wardrobe and be made of eco-friendly fabric. To read more about the fabric we use at Mitra The Label, click here.

Long before having graduated from a Textiles degree in 2018 and I have always been fond of making clothes, so I decided after I finished University to design and draw up some patterns to make a couple of bikinis of my own. 

I started selling these on Depop and I started getting more requests about different styles and different fits. I felt really inspired getting back into something that I love from choosing the perfect fabric, researching and creating mood boards for future designs and revising my patterns to enable a perfect and flattering fit for everyone. 

This led me to the idea of creating my own brand - Mitra The Label. 

I spent months perfecting and practising different sewing techniques, making sure every aspect was to a high-quality standard. Being a sustainable fashion brand, I wanted to make sure I was using the very best and up to date materials, so talking to suppliers became an important task, one in which I am still doing as the sustainable fashion industry is constantly changing. 

I do not release anything if I feel it's not up to standard. Everything I make and design is something I would wear myself, so would be thrilled to see you wearing Mitra The Label.  

My goal is for everyone to love their handmade Mitra The Label swimsuits/bikinis as much as I love making them. 

Our swimsuits are affordable but slightly higher compared to the high street and fast fashion brands, as our price reflects everything from being handmade to order, sustainable/recycled fabric and the quality of our swimsuits.