How to care for your Mitra Swimwear

Love your Mitra and your Mitra will love you back!

With our ethos being a sustainable swimwear brand, we want your pieces to last. We recommend a gentle, low-impact approach.

Unfortunately, washing anything made from synthetics sheds microfibres that can be pollutants if they wind up in the ocean.

Thoughtfully designed to be worn season after season, we have created this care guide to keep your Mitra The Label Swimwear pieces in pristine condition. If treated well, your Mitra The Label swimwear will continue to support you in any ocean, any beach and any pool.

Here are some environmentally-conscious tips on how to care for your swimwear! Please follow our recommendations and your pieces will last for those moments by the water and to maintain your swimwear's condition, colour and shape.

We're aware that washing our pieces can release tiny micro-fibres into the water system. To address this concern, we recommend using a GuppyFriend bag or a similar solution. It's simple: just hand wash your swimwear in the bag, and it will capture those pesky micro-plastic fibres.

Together, we can keep our waters pristine and protect the environment.

Caring for your suit in the appropriate manner is the best way possible to ensure that it will not deteriorate in an untimely manner.