We're passionate about our purpose, our people and our planet.

Mitra The Label is driven by a mission to engage in ethical and sustainable practices. Every business decision we make is considered and evaluated from an environmental perspective. 

Therefore, we have based Mitra The Label’s sustainability ethos on 4 core principles: Conscious making, Circular Material, Transparency and Forever about fit and confidence

Conscious Making

We fully embrace the concept of less but better and our intention at Mitra The Label is to create swimwear that lasts a lifetime. Its timeless design, exceptional quality, and advanced craftsmanship ensures that it will endure through endless use and seasons. 

Since the beginning back in May 2020, when we first launched, Mitra The Label has been making all garments in the UK. Our production process is designed to have minimal environmental impact as we make everything to order (unless the item is part of our sale), so we only make what is needed. 

We are always looking for ways to evolve and do more for the planet, so to minimise waste and work towards a zero-waste approach, we create products from our fabric remnants and in Summer 2022 we started to experiment with how we can minimise our waste even further.

Circular material

We are committed to reducing our waste and use of raw materials.

Certified OEKO TEX swimwear elastic

Our swimwear elastic is made from natural rubber which manufactured in Spain to the highest OEKO TEX ‘Made in Green’ standard. It is sustainability and ethically made.

Regenerated nylon

Our swimwear is made from high-performance fabric, which is manufactured in Italy using ECONYL®, an innovative nylon yarn that is made from recovered fishing nets and other nylon waste. It is infinitely recyclable, which eliminates the use of new resources, creating a close loop cycle of regenerated fibres.

Compostable shipping mailers and hygiene liners

Both our shipping mailers and hygiene liners are compostable. All of our shipping mailers are home and industrial compostable which will break down into compost in about 6 months, when place in the compost bin with food scraps and garden waste. Each bag is carbon negative. Our mailers and hygiene liners are made from starch (from field corn), polylactic acid, wood pulp and renewable materials. 


The word sustainability has been used a lot the past few years. Sometimes for the right cause, but often misused by all kind of companies. We want to be transparent and have to be honest that perfection is impossible. We work hard on growing everyday and we promise that we do everything to be our best version…!

You can ask us all your questions and we will always answer these honestly. We think being transparent is the most important.

If you agree with our methods and love our designs.

Forever about fit and confidence

Mitra The Label understands that all bodies are unique and our mission is to create suits that celebrate all different types and let individuality shine. That's why we obsess about fit and don't overlook a single detail. 

Mitra The Label swimsuits don’t follow the typical sizing you’d find on the high-street, so please make sure you check our sizing chart and fit notes for each style carefully.