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How To Build A Sustainable Wardrobe

Can you still buy fast fashion while contributing to the circular economy? Yes, but you still need to make purposeful purchases while buying clothes you love, without falling into the...

Sustainable Fashion Definitions

We hear so many words being thrown around involving sustainable fashion from 'slow fashion', 'ethical fashion' and 'eco-fashion'. All these keywords and phrases can get a little confusing at times...
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Amelia, Our Sustainable Versatile Bikini Top

What’s better than one top? A top that can be worn 10 ways. We love a versatile item and here at Mitra The Label, we want to make sure you...
Who Made Your Swimsuits? - Mitra The Label

Who Made Your Swimsuits?

The majority of clothing and textiles production factories around the globe have awful working conditions. In places like India and China, millions of people are working in conditions where profit...
Welcome To Mitra The Label - Mitra The Label

Welcome To Mitra The Label

Welcome, we are Mitra The Label, a sustainable swimwear brand, with swimsuits designed and handmade in the UK. Our aim over the next few months is to change the fashion industry and change people’s mind to start buying more sustainably, without compromising style or damaging our planet.