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How To Build A Sustainable Wardrobe

Can you still buy fast fashion while contributing to the circular economy? Yes, but you still need to make purposeful purchases while buying clothes you love, without falling into the trap of trying to keep up with all the micro trends that are released throughout the year. Below are some tips for trying to reduce your fashion waste: [Picture credit:] Don't follow trends - if no-one was wearing that outfit style in a year, would you still buy it? Fashion is often used as a form of self-expression, so it's essential to wear clothes we feel confident and comfortable in. Don't follow a micro-trend just to fit in momentarily. Avoid mindless online shopping - the rush of a pre-holiday shopping splurge will...

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Welcome To Mitra The Label

Welcome, we are Mitra The Label, a sustainable swimwear brand, with swimsuits designed and handmade in the UK. Our aim over the next few months is to change the fashion industry and change people’s mind to start buying more sustainably, without compromising style or damaging our planet. What's our overall goal? Our current major goal is to able to take back your used and love Mitra The Label pieces and regenerate them back into ECONYL® yarn and turn them into new pieces. This is something, we are discussing with our suppliers and are currently developing. Hopefully, it will become a reality soon but we will be sure to let you know when this happens.  As of the beginning of 2020, our swimwear...

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