The majority of clothing and textiles production factories around the globe have awful working conditions. In places like India and China, millions of people are working in conditions where profit is put before human rights, fair wages and safe working conditions.

In a campaign set up by Fashion Revolution , we have decided to talk about our own working conditions here at Mitra The Label.

Here at Mitra The Label, we make each swimsuit hand made to order. This way we minimise fabric waste as we only make what has been ordered and each suit is customised to you if needed.

We decided to go for a made to order business model, as we wanted to personally make your swimsuits rather than relying on factories and outsourcing production, as well as reducing fabric waste. We wanted you to know who exactly made your suit and know they are paid equally and fairly. All of our swimsuits are designed and made ethically with care.

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Mitra The Label swimsuits are made with recycled materials, from fishing nets, industrial plastic and carpets. We are constantly reviewing and researching for other sustainable fabrics, we could use to make our swimsuits or even other types of clothing. However, for now we will stick to making swimsuits.

Each swimsuit is made with love, in Mitra The Label HQ

Here are Mitra The Label our fabric is made from ECONYL yarn, which is created using discarded materials that were 100% nylon (such as fishing nets, plastic bottles and fabric scraps). We will do a seperate post, all about our sustainable fabric.

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